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The LIVE EVENTS content area is where Timed Screenings, Live Streams only, or Timed Screenings with Live Stream events can be created.  Start by clicking the "New Event" button and entering the title of the Live Event asset.   Then, on the General sub-menu, add additional details for the event including a description.  The other sub-menu options can then be used to further configure the specifics of the live event asset.

  1. A Live Stream Only event
  2. A Timed Screening event
  3. A Timed Screening with accompanying Live Stream
  4. Additional Sub-Menus

1. A Live Stream Only event

A Live Stream only event is one where there is no video to go along with the live stream.   Examples might be a live panel discussion, opening night remarks, a Q & A that doesn't follow a video, etc.

On the Live sub-menu of your Live Event asset, enable the "Include Live Stream" button. 

  • Enter a title for the live stream.  For example the live event asset might have a broad title like "Workplace Giving", while the live stream's title is more specific, like "Workplace Giving Panel hosted by Jennifer Lee".
  • Enter a start date and time for when the stream will begin.
  • Enter an end date and time for when the stream should be over (add plenty of buffer to the estimated ending time).
  • Enable audience interaction options if needed (Live Chat; Ask a Question).
  • Generate a moderator link with permissions, if needed.

From here visit the other sub-menus, descriptions listed below.

For more information on how to setup a live stream with your broadcast solution, please see:  Live Steam: Setup and Options
For more information on the visibility of the live event asset's landing page, please see: Page Visibility 

2. A Timed Screening event

A timed screening is one where a video is presented at a specific date/time and each viewer of the screening is watching at the exact same place in the video's timeline.  For example, you're having an Opening Night timed screening Friday at 7pm.  If someone arrives late at 7:20pm and pushes the play button, playback for them will pick up where all other audience members are currently - 20 minutes into the video.  It is as if they had walked into a movie theater 20 minutes late. 

On the  Timed Screenings sub-menu click the "Add A New Screening" button.  

  • Choose the date and time the screening should start.
  • Choose the type of content it is (Video or Playlist).
  • Choose the specific content.
  • Enable live chat if this is 'watch party' style, where audience members can chat in a sidebar to the video.
  • Enable synchronized looping if your video should continuously loop until the end date/time you set for it.

From here visit the other sub-menus, descriptions listed below.

3. A Timed Screening with accompanying Live Stream

A third option is to have both a Timed Screening and a Live Stream part of the same Live Event asset.    An example might be an Opening Night Film that starts on Friday at 7pm (a timed screening) followed by a live stream Q&A with the director and cast.

For this type of event, follow the steps in section 1 and 2 above.   Once completed, visit the other sub-menus, descriptions listed below.

4. Additional Sub-Menus

On the sub-menu Artwork upload image(s) that will appear on the live event asset's landing page and on the subscriber browse page.   At minimum a regular thumbnail image is needed (1920w x 1080h pixels).  Optionally, a featured thumbnail (1920w x 1080h), background image (1920w x 1080h) and/or poster image (600w x 900h pixels) can be utilized.   

On the sub-menu Additional Assets add other videos.  Pre-roll is only for a Timed Screening.  Please note: the 'skippable' option in insertion videos used in pre-roll is disabled for a Timed Screening.   A Trailer or Bonus content can be uploaded for either a timed screening or live stream event. 

On the sub-menu Security, for the Timed Screening portion of the live event only, geo-blocking and watermark protections can be added.

On the sub-menu Subscriptions select which subscriptions should be able to access this particular live event.  Note on visibility:  Like all content, in order for subscribers (aka pass holders) to be able to see the Live Event asset on the browse page of the watch portal, or on TVapps, it will need to be included in a CATEGORY.

On the sub-menu Display Options call-to-action links (CTAs) can be added to appear as buttons to the right side of the play button on the asset's landing page; audience ratings can be disabled for this particular content; an image of the event title can be added to replace the text title on the landing page.  Additionally, a Presented By image can be uploaded (280 pixels wide, no height restrictions) and there is an optional URL field in order to make the Presented By image a clickable link.

On the sub-menu Vouchers single or bulk vouchers can be generated, and existing vouchers can be searched for and reviewed.  

Thank you.  If you have any questions please reach out to 

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