Intro to the Dashboard

Get acquainted with the Dashboard, the first screen you arrive upon in your OTT account's administrative portal.  The Dashboard gives a quick overview of the current state of your OTT account, presents the primary navigation on the left-hand side bar, and offers some quick links to your watch portal and support articles.

  1. Overview of your Account
  2. Primary Navigation bar
  3. Quick links to handy information

1. Overview of your Account

In the center of your Dashboard screen you'll find some statistics to give you a quick look at the account and its activity.   You'll see how many active streams there are, and if there are any you'll see which videos and how many streams per video under the Active Sessions column.  You'll see how many videos are currently uploaded in your account.  And you'll also see how many Subscriber records and voucher records there are.   Lastly, under the Most Viewed column you'll see which videos have the greatest number of views, and you can use the filter icon to update this column using tags.  For example, if your videos have tags for the year or season they are from, you could filter this to be only most viewed videos for a specific year or season.   Tags can be created in the SETTINGS> OPTIONAL FEATURES screen and then applied in CONTENT areas.

Speaking of Content and Settings, the Primary Navigation bar displayed at left will lead you deeper into your account, with sections for Content, Viewers, Watch Portal, Reports, and Settings. 

The navigation bar is persistent except for when you dig deep into specific content, at which point you can return to the primary navigation with the arrow at upper left. 

At the top of the left-hand navigation bar is your product switcher.   Click the arrows next to CineSend OTT to access your Accounts area or another CineSend product, if you have them.

  • Support Links: At the top of your Dashboard screen a "What's New?" button contains a summary of the most recent updates and additions to your OTT account.  Additionally at the lower right of the screen is a "Help" icon where you can search for and read knowledge base articles or submit a support request, all without having to navigate away from the screen.  
  • Search Icon:  At the top of your Dashboard screen is a search icon where you can bring up and navigate immediately to any content title, category title, or subscriber name or email address.  You can actually use this search functionality from anywhere in your account by using CTRL+K or CMD+K.  
  • Watch Portal Link:  From the Dashboard screen, you'll find a link at upper left to open a new browser tab that will load your account's connected watch portal.

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