Patron Live Stream Viewing Guide

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If your video offers a live stream component, for example a live Q&A with the Director or a live post-film panel discussion, your audience will be able to access this from the video's Landing Page.

On the Landing Page there is a row with the "Play" button (for video playback) and to the left of that, when there is a live stream component, there will be a "Live Stream" button. The "Live Stream Button" will contain the name of the live stream (ie. Q&A with the Director) as well as a countdown of when it is scheduled to go live. When that date/time has been reached it will then say "Live" in place of the countdown. 

When the "Live Stream" is finally live and can be clicked on, the viewer will be taken to a screen where the live broadcast is being hosted.  They will see a broadcast window and, if either or both are enabled, an "Ask a Question" and a "Chat Box".   Fellow audience members do not see what other audience members post in the "Ask a Question" box, only a moderator sees that.  Fellow audience members do see what is posted in the "Chat Box" window.

If the broadcast hasn't begun yet, or it has already ended, in place of the broadcast window a message will say 'Currently Offline".

Enjoy your event!

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