Videos: Customizing The Video Request Page

The Video Request Page
is used to invite filmmakers, distributors or other content providers to upload their files to the appropriate video asset area within your Administrative Portal.  It is a unique URL link that is generated and then sent to the content provider.  For information on generating the link, see Adding Video Assets

The template of the Video Request Page can be customized in a number of ways.  Let's look at a sample first.

Now let's break this down and see where within your Administrative Portal the elements are coming from.

Header Logo:  Presented at the top of the Video Request Page, the logo field is located in your Accounts app > Team Profile.

Custom Message:  Below the logo and the video's title is an area for a custom message, such as a "Congratulations you have been accepted to our virtual film festival.  Please follow the steps on the following page to submit your film" and any other instructions you would like to give.  This message is setup in the ON DEMAND area > Site Settings > Content Requests.

Optional Upload buttons: On the same sub-menu Content Requests, seen above, you can disable elements that you do not wish to request such as: Video; Trailer; Thumbnail image; Poster image; and/or Metadata.   If any of the elements are disabled, those will simply not appear on the Video Request Page.  

Metadata:   If left enabled, the content provider can complete the metadata information which feeds directly to the video asset's Metadata sub-menu page.  Once submitted they will not be able to come back later and edit it.  There are basic fields, which can be seen in the image below, and you can also add your own custom fields that will display on the Display Options sub-menu.  See below how to add custom metadata fields.

Adding Custom Fields:  Navigate to Site Settings > Custom Fields > and click the "Add Custom Field" button.   The field can be an Input field, where it is open entry, a Drop Down field with options you define, or a Switch field that is a button that can be toggled on or off.  The field can be made "searchable" in which case patrons in the online Patron Portal would be able to search for that data.  The field can be made "hidden" in which case that field will not show up with the film metadata on the video's patron portal landing page.

If you have added Custom Fields, those will appear on the Video Request Page (as long as you have left the option "Display Video Metadata Entry?" enabled) and your content provider can fill them out for you.

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