Keep your patrons up-to-date with BULLETINS - scheduled pop-up messages that can be used to inform subscribers of important updates, promote specific content for the day, highlight strategic partnerships, and any number of creative uses to build greater engagement and connection with your audience in a virtual space. 

  1. Enabling and Creating
  2. Use Case Examples
  3. FAQs

1. Enabling and Creating Bulletins

Bulletins are an optional feature that can be turned on by navigating to SITE SETTINGS > OPTIONAL FEATURES > scroll down to enable.   "Bulletins" will then appear as an option in the left hand navigation within the Utilities section.

To create a bulletin, choose "Bulletins" from the left hand navigation and click the red New button.  In the modal window, complete the Title, Date and Info fields and then save.  To edit a bulletin later, simply click on it from the list of scheduled bulletins, update any of the necessary fields, and save.

When the "Posted Date" is reached, the bulletin scheduled for that day will pop up on screen immediately after a subscriber logs in to the web portal.  After the subscriber has dismissed the bulletin, the pop up will not appear to them again even if they log out and then back in later in the day.  

2. Use Case Examples

Acknowledge an important sponsor, highlight a strategic partner, or thank a donors circle for their support:

Highlight a special live event happening later in the day:

Update your audience on film availability:

Use it to promote a Membership campaign or fundraising effort:

3. FAQs

  • Are there any fees or costs involved with using the Bulletins feature?
    No, there are no costs associated with using this feature.
  • Do voucher holders see Bulletins?
    No, only subscribers (aka pass holders) see bulletins.  Bulletins are displayed on the browse screen of the watch portal, which is only seen by subscribers.
  • Can you have more than one Bulletin per day?
    No, you can't have multiple bulletins scheduled for the same day, only the first will appear and after it is dismissed others will not appear to the subscriber.
  • Do Bulletins appear on TVapps (AppleTV, Roku, FireTV etc.)?
    No, web browser only.

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