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The asset area INSERTIONS allows you to upload videos that can be played as pre-roll for primary content, including videos, playlists, series, and timed events.  Common examples of insertions are film festival trailers, bumpers, programmer introductions, artist/filmmaker introductions, and sponsor ads.   You only need to upload an insertion once, it can be added as pre-roll to any number of primary assets.  Additionally, a specific insertion can be designated as the default to play in front of all primary assets.

If you don't see INSERTIONS in your left hand navigation, within the Assets section, you can turn this on by navigating to Site Settings > Optional Features > and enabling them.

Uploading Insertions

To start, click the New button at the top-right corner and add the title of the insertion you plan to upload or request be uploaded for you.   A request page url will be offered that you can copy and send to a content provider, if you don't have the video already on your own computer.

Prior to uploading, the insertion's detail screen will appear with the options below.  Please note the specs for an insertion are the same as primary video specs.   

After a video file has been uploaded you will have the option to preview the insertion in addition to editing its title, choosing whether to make it skippable by patrons or not, and adding any custom data.  Custom data is internal reference only and will show in some of the reports

Insertions you create will be added to the list on the main Insertions screen.  Select the vertical ellipsis (⋮) if you wish to set an insertion as the default or to delete it.

Positioning Insertions as Pre-roll 

Once your insertions have been added, you can now incorporate them into your videos, series, playlists and timed events.

Open the Pre-Roll Insertions section within one of your videos, TV series or playlists, and you will usually find Use Default Preroll Insertion checked as a default. This means whatever Insertion you set as a default will always play in front of that video, series or playlist. 

If you don’t want the default to play, uncheck that box, and a form will appear where you can select the insertion you want to play. You can select as many as you like by adding them in the order you want them to play.   To edit the order afterwards you can drag and drop an insertion into the desired spot.

Please note:  A timed event will use the pre-roll from the video parent asset.

Insertion Replacement

It is now possible to replace insertions without having to re-add a new insertion to videos:

After clicking the "Reset Source" button, the insertion will not play on videos it is associated with until a new file has been uploaded and the insertion has been published.

If you do not want to include Insertions in your Videos, you can turn this feature off in the Site Settings > Optional Features screen. 

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