Categories: Adding and Configuring

The Category area allows you to organize your videos, series and playlists (also referred to as "assets") into categories or themes.  Categories appear on the Patron Portal's browse page and are only seen by subscribers, not by those who are accessing content by voucher.  If you are planning to use Vouchers only for your virtual event, you will not need to do any configuration in Categories. If, however, you plan to have Subscribers for your virtual event, Categories are essential for the customer experience.  In fact, a video, playlist or series will not be visible on the Patron Portal's browse page until it has been added to one or more Categories.

Videos and playlists can be included in more than one category.  Some common categories for film festival clients might be International Features; U.S. Documentaries; Shorts Programs; Canadian Premieres; and the like.   These categories will be displayed Netflix/Hulu style for your subscriber patrons to browse through their viewing options.  A Featured Category can be used to highlight some of the offerings from your event in a hero carousel at the top of the Patron Portal's browse page.

To start, click the New button at upper-right, fill in the the Category Title, and click Create Category.  Use the arrows on the left to change the order of your Categories as they will appear on the Patron Portal browse page.  Click the vertical ellipsis (⋮) if you wish to delete a category.

To populate your category, click on the category title in the list to arrive at a screen where you can add videos, playlists, live events and/or series to be included in the Category.  There are also options at top for the appearance of the category on the Patron Portal.  Click the Add Content button, select the type of asset, then select the asset titles from the drop down.  Click the Add asset button to finish.

The assets you choose will be added and you may use the arrows on the left to change the order of their display. Click the Add Content button if you wish to add more assets. Select the vertical ellipsis (⋮) if you wish to delete an asset from the Category.  At this point the category will display the included assets in the Patron Portal using the Regular Thumbnail image uploaded for the asset.

After adding the assets to the Category, you have a few additional options at the top of the window in the form of check boxes:

Featured Category?: if enabled, this category becomes the Featured Category on the Patron Portal's browse page, meaning it will be displayed at the top with larger images. Only one category can be the Featured Category.  The Patron Portal doesn't require a Featured Category, it is optional.

When this box is checked, a new check box will appear asking if you wish to Use Featured Thumbnails for this Category.  By enabling this check box, the category will display Featured Thumbnails in the Patron Portal in place of a Regular Thumbnail, so long as a featured image has been uploaded for that asset.

Use Poster Images?: by selecting this check box, the Category will display Poster Images in the Patron Portal in place of the Regular Thumbnail, so long as a poster image has been uploaded for that asset.

Use Logline?: for your video asset, you have the option to add a Logline and a Short Summary. When the asset is added into a Category, it will display the Short Summary by default when the Patrol rolls over the image. This checkbox will change that to the Logline.

One final note, when you have a category open and are viewing the list of titles that have been included, you can click on a title and be taken directly to that asset's Details screen.

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