Playlists: Adding and Configuring

The Playlists asset area is where you organize multiple videos into a viewable program, or playlist, that can be made available to patrons just like stand alone videos.  For film festivals, the playlist feature is often used to create shorts programs or programs where a short film plays in front of a feature film. 

To start, click the New button at the upper-right corner and a window will pop up asking for the title of the playlist.  Type in the title and click Create Playlist.

Click on your playlist and you will open a sub-menu view similar to the Videos sub-menu options.


The Asset sub-menu contains an asset ID (which can be used in connecting your ticketing integration), status, and created date, as well as controls at far right to preview the program, manually generate vouchers, duplicate the playlist or delete the playlist.  

Components: Further down the screen is where you will select the videos to add to your playlist.  Click the Add Video button, select a title or several titles from your Videos section, then click Add Videos when you're done. The titles you selected will appear below and you can use the arrows on the left to alter the play order of the videos. Click the Add Video button if you wish to add more videos. Select the vertical ellipsis (⋮) if you wish to remove video from the playlist. 

Below the Components section, in the Asset Access section you'll enable who can access the playlist (vouchers and/or subscribers), and in the Automatic Publishing Actions section you'll preset the publish and un-publish dates and times, if the playlist isn't already published.


A simpler version of the metadata sub-menu screen from the Videos area, you can edit the playlist title and add an optional playlist description.    Custom data fields are available to set for internal use only.

Display Options:

This sub-menu contains Call to Action Links; General Settings; and Presented By Image/URL.  For descriptions of Call to Action Links and Presented By Image/URL please see the article Configuring Video Options as they behave the same.     The General Settings section has three options:

  •  Show Playlist Description?:  If enabled, the playlist's landing page will display the Description (located in the Metadata sub-menu) above the Log Line descriptions for each video.   If not enabled, only the Log Line descriptions will appear under the playlist title.  The Log Line description is located on each video's metadata sub-menu. 
  •  Show Playlist Runtime?:  When enabled, the playlist's total running time will display under the playlist title.
  •  Enable Ratings on Individual Assets?:  Allows patrons to give separate ratings to each video in the playlist rather than the playlist as a whole.  Currently only available for the web and in development for TVapps.

  • Other Playlist sub-menus: 

    The remaining sub-menu options (ArtworkAdditional AssetsSecurity; and Live) operate the same way as described in the article Configuring Video Options

    One thing to note is that the settings added for a playlist will override the same settings of each individual video.  So for example the Insertions added to the Playlist will be the pre-roll that begins the program, not the insertions that have been added to any of the videos directly.  Another example, the publishing controls in the playlist control when the playlist is available regardless of publishing times setup in each individual video asset.

    Bonus Content note:  It is not possible to transfer bonus content uploaded to a Video Asset over to a Playlist Asset.   It must be uploaded directly to the playlist under the Additional Assets sub menu.

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