Videos: Adding Assets

In your Administrative Portal you may add primary video assets and accompanying, supplemental assets by choosing Videos from the left hand navigation.  As video assets are added they will be listed alphabetically down the page.  As the list grows there are several options to search, sort, or filter the view by using the Search bar field or by clicking on the column titles or the Filters button.  

To start adding, click the New button at upper right and a modal window will open for you to then type in the content title.  Click the Add Video button to save it.  You can also alternately upload a csv file of your titles and accompanying fields.

You will then be given another window that shows the video title has been added successfully, and a URL link with a Copy URL button. You can send this URL to the content provider so that they can upload the video and other content for you, or if you already have the video you'll be able to upload it directly.  Let's look at both options.

Requesting content from the filmmaker/distributor/content provider: 
Copy the request URL from the video asset you have created and provide that to the content provider.

When they open the URL link they will find fields to upload the video and related content directly into the asset space you have created.  In addition to uploading the video, content providers can also upload a trailer, images, and submit asset details and meta data, all within the same link if you choose to make those available.  If the content provider has a CineSend Files account they can choose the import button rather than uploading.

To customize your request page, including what fields are offered, please see Customizing The Video Request Page.

Upload the video and related content yourself:

If you already have access to the video, you can upload it yourself rather than sending out a request to the content provider.  To do so, select the video title from the list.  In the Asset sub-menu, click on "Select File to Upload".   You will be prompted to select the file from your hard drive.  If you do not already have IBM Aspera Connect installed on your computer, you will be prompted to download it first.   Aspera Connect is what the Administrative Portal uses to securely and swiftly upload files, and when uploading your file you'll see the upload status in the Aspera Connect window.

You can fill in or edit the video's details on the sub-menu Metadata for the basic details, and on the sub-menu Display Options for custom field details.

You can also upload still images, trailers and more directly from your computer by navigating to the sub-menus Artwork and Additional Assets.For more details on the sub-menus options for Videos, please see:  Configuring Video Options

For more details on customizing your Video Request Page, please see:  Customizing The Video Request Page

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